VIP Program team emphasizes a joyful global line of high-quality products, using high durable materials while strongly keeping in house happy working method, and maintaining excellent customer service experience!

We're focused on delivering our one and only vision, providing children and adults all around the world a unique, happy and exciting adventure; Skilled artists, extraordinary designs, environmentally materials, caring customer service and a warm community are our guiding principle.       

Our largely growing business guarantees to deliver the greatest buying experience. Should there be any issues that need to be clarified, please feel free to contact us.

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Team Leader

First watched Beauty and the Beast on my 12th birthday and instantly fell in love with Belle.

Susan T.

Graphic Designer & DEV

Let it go, let it go... can't hold it back anymore ;)

Tyler J.

Social Media Specialist

Rock and rolling with the community, because personal relation is everything.

Dana C.

Service Team Manager

Behind every challange there's a Prince Charming.

Peter B.

Service Team & Product specialist

It's the little things in life.

Tamara R.

Service Team

I'm here to assist!

Melvin D.

Service Team

I love the idea that someone is gonna be a little happier soon.

Jack W.

Chief Dog

Motivated by cats and neck scratches.

Lola B.